Saturday, 27 November 2021

Conjugation Game, v. 2012

Sometimes called “prejudiced triples,” this game takes an an activity or trait and shows how one’s perception of it changes depending on distance from the speaker. For example:

I am firm. You are stubborn. He is pig-headed.

(That’s the classic example, which we’ve seen attributed to Bertrand Russell, George Bernard Shaw, and someone called K. J. Stavronides.)

On MuseBlog, of course, the gender-specific “he” can be replaced with the gender-noncommital “en.” Here are two recent examples from the original “Conjugation Game” thread:

I am writing my french-history paper. You technically aren’t taking a break from said paper*. En is downloading Disney and AVPM songs and planning to go running.

*Because you haven’t started yet.

I am enjoying my vacation. You are being lazy. En is inanimate.

See how it works?

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