Saturday, 21 September 2019


Doctor Seaweed Stink requested this thread. Please post carefully. Try not to get too grim or morbid, okay? As the good Doctor pointed out, everybody dies, so you might as well be able to talk about it.

We’ll kick it off (by the way, “kick off” is one of many euphemisms for “die”) with a comment Dr. S. S. posted on the random thread:

Here’s a HypQuest about death that the Chatterbox did not admit.

1. What would you do if your best friend floated up to you in the form of a ghost and said, “Hi, it’s me, (friend’s name), and I died in a car crash. Only you and a few other people can see me as a ghost. Can I stay with you until I figure out how to manage my new afterlife?”?

I’d say, “Sure! It’s too bad you’re dead, but it’s cool that you became a ghost. Come on in!”

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