Monday, 24 June 2019

Happy Eighth Birthday, MuseBlog!

[This was originally on the August 2013 random thread, but we’ve moved it here because it was too nice to part with. The birthday wishes are still over there, however.]

Muse cover, January 2007, 10th anniversary issue

Hear ye, hear ye! MuseBlog was born on this spot on the First of August, 2005. Wherefore, by the GAPA powers vested in us, we hereby give everyone a cake (or a picture of cake — sorry, it’s the best we can do) and proclaim this Muse, MuseBlog, and GAPA Appreciation Day. The regular August Random Thread will resume tomorrow.

(Yes, yes: the cover is from Muse‘s tenth anniversary, not its eighth. A little slack for the birthday blog, if you please.)

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