Thursday, 26 May 2022


What’s Going On Here

MuseBlog is a forum for Muse readers and anyone else who believes in living la vida Koko.

Although the Fan Page is not affiliated with Muse‘s publishers (the Cricket Magazine Group and its parent company, Carus Publishing Company), it does share their concern with protecting the privacy of minors. Visitors to the site can communicate only with the Webmaster or through publicly posted comments, not directly with one another. All postings are screened beforehand and may contain only minimal information about the sender: at most first name, last initial, age, and state or country*. No contact information about children (postal or e-mail addresses, Web URLs, phone numbers) is posted on the blog. If anything on MuseBlog causes trouble, please let us know at or

The Rules

Very simple:

  1. Your comments may not include your e-mail address or any other information that would let other people on the site contact you directly.
  2. If you are in high school or younger, don’t sign your last name. Use a pseudonym (false name) or your first name (plus last initial, if you like).
  3. If you are college-age or older, you must identify yourself as an adult by supplying your full name on your comment form.**
  4. New rule, starting in June 2009: Your avatar (the image displayed on comments next to your blog name) may not be a recognizable picture of you or (because the Administrators probably don’t know what you look like) anyone else. In rare cases, the Administrators may grant exceptions by special appeal.
  5. New rule, starting in November 2005: As much as possible, the blog is a self-contained Musiverse. Please don’t post links to other websites.
  6. If a discussion is in progress, please don’t interrupt it with an unrelated random post. Before posting, read the last 10 or 15 comments to make sure that you understand what is going on.
  7. No flame wars allowed. Keep it civil, please. We’re all Musers here.

Submissions that break these rules will be edited or zapped. Persistent troublemakers may be banished.

Have fun! Again, remember: We’re all Musers here.

* If you live in the United States, you may tell which state you live in and narrow down the geography slightly further (for example, Northern California; upstate New York; east Texas). But you may not name your city unless you live in a metropolitan area with a population of a million or more. You can find a list of U.S. metropolitan areas on Wikipedia.
** Long-term MuseBloggers who turn 18 but want to continue using their pseudonyms for reasons of privacy may ask special permission from the administrators.