Wednesday, 26 January 2022

Muse – October 2005 Contents

Warning! Contains spoilers.

October 2005 (volume 9, number 8 )

In keeping with age-old Muse tradition, the editors have filled this issue with creepy stuff.

COVER: How to Read a Tombstone

FIRST PAGE: Wonder Drug

KOKOPELLI & COMPANY: Trick and/or treat.

Sweet Elixir of Death, by Paul Collins
The Case of the Four-Armed Corpse, by Stephanie Pain
Sent to the Tower, by Paul Baker
How to Read a Tombstone, by Douglas Keister

Q & A, by Robert Coontz and Rosanne Spector: How do birds chirp?
Math Page, by Ivars Peterson: Sudoku Mania

LAST PAGE: Designed by the Desert? [Egyptian pyramids and Sphinx]

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