Thursday, 2 December 2021

Dumpster-Dive Song

An October issue bonus. Warning: contains spoilers!

As promised on page 6 in the October 2005 Muse Mail section, here are sound files of the B. family’s unforgettable Dumpster Dive song in AIFF and MP3 formats. Now we know how Musers’ parents afford those pricey subscriptions. All together now:

Oh, Dumpster dive, Dumpster dive,
Don’t mind if it’s been used.
We buffed and shined and mended tight
And wiped off all the poo!

(The Mac-friendly AIFF version is 25.5 megabytes in size–probably too big for dialup modems. The MP3 version is a more manageable 2.8 megabytes.)

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