Wednesday, 6 December 2023

Kokonventions Kokontinued

Here’s our policy about meeting other MBers offline:

  • MuseBlog’s administrators do not encourage you to do it.
  • We won’t help you plan to do it.
  • If you insist on holding a real-world meeting, your parents must plan it and supervise it.
  • To assure us that they are involved, your parents should e-mail us at the gapas @ We will help them exchange e-mail addresses, and they can take it from there.
  • Any details about meetings (exact time and place, what you’ll be wearing, etc.) must stay off the blog. Please don’t try to post them. We won’t let you.
  • After a Kokonvention, we will post photographs of Kokonvening MBers with parental permission.
  • That’s all we will do.

Your friends,

“We’re paranoid so you don’t have to be.”

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