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Kokonilly’s Weekend de Luxe

Kokonilly sent us a fleet of photos from Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance, so we decided to move them to their own thread.
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Say Hello! Kiki the Great’s ride with the TARDIS

You may recall that a couple of years ago, a catchy Trock song by veteran MBer Kiki the Great attracted the notice of Neil Gaiman. Fast forward to the Doctor Who 50th Anniversary, and here again is KtG’s song, performed by Amanda Palmer with some assistance from Neil Gaiman and Arthur Darvill.


Triangular Sentences, Other Assorted Typographical Diversions, and Just Plain Silliness

In case you have no idea what we’re talking about, or need some inspiration, here are the previous entries in this category:

Triangular Sentences and Assorted Typographical Diversions, 2010
Triangular Sentences, v. 2007.2
Triangular Sentences, v. 2007.1
Triangular Sentences and Other Typographical Tricks


Random Thread, Part 2: Maeiou

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Visual Arts, v. 2012

Whatever your medium, if it’s visual, here’s a place to talk about it, dream about it, or share ideas.

Continued from Visual Arts, 2011.

Anatomy of a Random Thread Graphic

The other day Castle made the mistake of asking inquired about the construction of the Uranuary Random Thread graphic. Since I couldn’t think of a short answer and because everyone else runs and hides when I talk about this stuff and there was the chance that some explanation might be useful to those MuseBloggers who do graphics, I thought I’d try this method of providing a few details. Click on the image below to see the large version.

Let me know if this is useful or if anything is unclear.

The Hare and Hedgepig, v. V

As a Courtesy to Your Fellow Patrons,
Please Leave All Electronic Devices and Projectile Pastries with Our Pie Check Department
Formal Dress Required
Continued from Vol. IV.
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The Polling Place, v. 2011.2

We didn’t need a poll to figure out we could use a new Polling Place.

Continued from v. 2011.1.


NaNoWriMo* 2011

Another month of literary mayhem.

*National Novel Writing Month

(See NaNoBraSto for pre-NaNo brainstorming.)

The Recent Comments Game

Paul Baker started this on the Random Thread:

I think I may have invented a new game. You may name it collectively, but its interim title is The Recent Comments Game. It will probably turn out to be rubbish, but let’s see.

Have a look at the Recent Comments column on the main page. It aggregates the most recent comments from all the topics, so mostly nothing relates to anything else. But occasionally it throws up random juxtapositions which are at least strange. If one copies, pastes, and deletes the references to which topic the comment appeared in, some of them raise a chuckle. This one isn’t spectacularly funny, but I thought it was worth flagging up.


Lizzie – “I think that if someone is having sex they should be mature enough to use birth control and accept the risk of pregnancy.

Rebecca Lasley (Administrator) – That’s a great idea! Do you have any particular requests for what designs you’d like to see?


Over to you. Spot the funnies or invent a better name.

These variations were added later:

~~ “I’ve decided it’s legitimate to remove extraneous words from the end of a comment to improve the flow, provided one doesn’t add any. Added full stops (sorry, periods) are OK.”

~~ muselover: Another variation I thought of is just taking random posts from the RC bar rather than consecutive ones, just to open up more possibilities.

Paul Baker (Administrator)
I think you’re right. No point in insisting on consecutive order if there’s a funny to be extracted.


The Polling Place, v. 2011.1

Do you think it’s time 2011 had its own Polling Place thread, yes or no?

Continued from v. 2010.

Writing Challenge: Theme With Variations, Round 4

The idea is to start with an image and each person writes about it as en sees it, in the writer’s choice of style. See the original thread for clarification and inspiration.

(You may continue to write about a prompt that is no longer current.)

Current prompt: a broken piece of ceramic half-buried in dirt

Next up:

      a crumpled piece of paper, the ink run so much that you can only read one word
      a mirror
      a starless sky
      a pile of mail on the countertop
      a city whose streets are built on ancient ruins

Manifestos, Epiphanies, and Thoughts About Life

Requested by Cat’s Eye, who wrote, “Can we have a Manifesto thread? Just, like, a thread where people post big philosophical statements they try to live their life by, or epiphanies they just had, or thoughts about life they’ve had rolling around in their brain for a while?”


Poems and Songs, v. 2011

Because life would be worse without verse.

Continued from version 2010.

Muse Academy Holiday Party 2010

Winter Wonderland is the theme as we close out the first decade of the 21st century in style. Let the festivities commence!


Bunny Invasion IV: Another Chapter

IBCF sent us another installment of his chilling video epic:

Follow the links below if you missed the first three episodes or if you simply want to wallow in the horror of it all:–AfraidoftheDark.swf


Dispatches from Collegeland

Jadestone posted a long message about her adventures in Collegeland. We thought the subject merited a room of its own, so we’ve moved her comment from the Random Thread. Other collegians feel free to add your adventures.
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Far Out! Part 2

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More Music from Lizzie

Two years ago we posted a violin performance by long-time MuseBlogger Lizzie. Here is a more recent sample of her talent.


MuseBlog Chautauqua*: Introducing (Graphics) Channels

Enceladus asked:

“Do they have channels in whatever graphics program you use? And if so, could you explain them? Because, essentially, there’ the one thing (aside from actual scripting) that I need to know to proclaim myself a GIMP wizard.”

Step inside our virtual tent to learn more about channels. Or just enjoy the pictures, if graphics aren’t your thing.

[*Chautauquas began in the 19th century as a sort of summer camp approach to continuing education. The events were often held in big circus-style tents. The name comes from the New York town where the first one took place. We’re borrowing the term as a convenient umbrella title for such occasional threads as might be more information oriented than the usual. Though really we simply like the name.]

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Ohio Kokonvention Photos

Ebeth, Midnight Fiddler, and Grant — what more can we say? Read more »

Kokonventions Kokontinued

Here’s our policy about meeting other MBers offline:

  • MuseBlog’s administrators do not encourage you to do it.
  • We won’t help you plan to do it.
  • If you insist on holding a real-world meeting, your parents must plan it and supervise it.
  • To assure us that they are involved, your parents should e-mail us at the gapas @ We will help them exchange e-mail addresses, and they can take it from there.
  • Any details about meetings (exact time and place, what you’ll be wearing, etc.) must stay off the blog. Please don’t try to post them. We won’t let you.
  • After a Kokonvention, we will post photographs of Kokonvening MBers with parental permission.
  • That’s all we will do.

Your friends,

“We’re paranoid so you don’t have to be.”

Harry Potter Trivia-Off, Part 3

You can pack an astounding amount of trivia into 7 volumes.

Continued from Part Two.


Geeky TV Shows, v. 2010.2

No, it’s not quite the 24-hour Doctor Who Buffy Torchwood Channel brought to you with Glee. But close enough.


Dark (Pink) Energy

Warning! What you are about to see — should you brave the jump — is extremely disturbing. (Robert especially should approach with caution.) We will not be responsible for any mental damage incurred.

Technical note: you will need a decent screen size to make it work. Handheld devices are not big enough. Click on the images for larger versions. Also, you may need to watch it closely for a moment or two to get the full effect (at your peril). Let your eyes move around.

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