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Science March

After spending more than a month trying to get MuseBlog’s slideshow app to work, I’ve given up and decided just to post the pictures I took at the Science March. Here are some to start with; captions and more photos will follow later.

I marched with a throng of paleontologists:
Science March, paleontology contingent
Science March, paleontology contingent

Other marches may have been bigger or slicker than the March for Science, but the scientists had the best hats. Good costumes, too:
Science march, hats
Science march, hats
Science march, hats

We mustered on the Washington Monument grounds and then marched down Constitution Avenue toward the Capitol amid intermittent rain:
Science March, marching down Constitution Avenue
Science March, marching down Constitution Avenue
Science March, marching down Constitution Avenue
Science March, marching down Constitution Avenue
Science March, marching down Constitution Avenue
Science March, marching down Constitution Avenue
Science March, marching down Constitution Avenue

Most of the signs were homemade, and not all of them were equally water-repellent. Some of my favorites:
Science March, catchy signs
Science March, catchy signs
Science March, catchy signs
Science March, catchy signs
Science March, catchy signs
Science March, catchy signs
Science March, catchy signs
Science March, catchy signs
Science March, catchy signs
Science March, catchy signs
Science March, catchy signs
Science March, catchy signs
Science March, catchy signs
Science March, catchy signs
Science March, catchy signs
Science March, catchy signs

And, of course, the obligatory steely-jawed selfie:
Science March, Robert

MuseBlog Exclusive: World’s Most Adorable Rice Cooker

Free to a Good Home!

Aroma Mi rice cooker

Robert saith:

This Aroma Mi Three-Cup Rice Cooker is by far the cutest household appliance I’ve ever owned. It also works perfectly and is easy to use. Unfortunately, using it just once revealed that it actually makes just two cups of rice. (The “cups” in its name refer to a roughly 6-ounce or 175-milliliter measuring cup that comes with the cooker.) That’s not quite enough for my household.

My loss can be your gain. The first MBer to send ens address to me at “thegapas [at]” will receive this little gem in the mail absolutely free of charge. How’s that for a deal?

(This offer applies only within the continental United States. That’s all the postage I can afford. Sorry, farther-flung friends!)


October 2016: Retro Incredible Morphing Chameleon Thread

Since the responses on the Random thread seemed positive, I decided to reboot these threads.

Shiny new rule: No nesties! The conversation will meander from topic to topic anyhow. Also, it adds to the retro vibe.


The last October Incredible Morphing Chameleon thread I found was from 2008. So I purloined the image and the first topic from that month’s random thread. Incidentally, this was also the month I first stumbled upon MuseBlog.

Unlike the random thread, this discussion thread stays on topic until the topic changes or the month ends.

Newcomers should read The Rules and The Guide before plunging in.

Current topic:
Online media: Post-truth cesspit or literal hellhole?

The election and its aftermath

Suggested topics: 

Have fun!

Good News, v.2015-2016

By popular request, here’s an antidote to the Rants and Complaints thread: a place to talk about things you’re happy about. We could all use a little good news.

Continued from the original thread.

International “Talk Like a Pirate” Day 2015

Ar-har, mateys! ‘Tis the most wonderful time of the year again!


Happy Tenth Anniversary, MuseBlog!

I’m sure I’m not alone in saying that MuseBlog has been a hugely positive formative influence on me. But, as I am a scientist at heart, it wasn’t enough for me to just say “I’m sure I’m not alone.” So I asked some of my friends how they felt about having had MuseBlog in their life for ten years.

Also, I (Dodecahedron) baked an honorary cake with Fern. Julia also baked a cake. Then, with the cake-baking fervor going around, Jadestone made some cupcakes. Pics below the fold.

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Towel Day 2015

Many happy returns of the day to all you hoopy froods who know where your towels are.


Happy 451st Birthday, William Shakespeare!

We think one of your lines says it all:

What fools these mortals be!

And the rest is silence.

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Happy Pi Day!

It’s 3/14/15 according to the American date-writing convention, and this thread is set to go live at 9:26. At some point between 53 and 54 seconds later, the world will experience (or will have experienced, depending on when you read this) Pi Moment.

And there was much rejoicing!


In Memoriam: Terry Pratchett


-Terry Pratchett, 1948-2015

In Memoriam: Leonard Nimoy

In my heart
Is the seed of the tree
Which will be me.
Nourished by understanding
Warmed by friends
Fed by loved ones
Matured by wisdom
Tempered by tears.

–Leonard Nimoy (1931-2015)
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Lists, Lists, Lists (v. 2015)

Things to do:

1. Check the original Lists thread.
2. Find out what it’s all about and how to do it.
3. Return here.
4. Make lists.


Music, v. 2015

Listening, playing, performing, composing.

Continued from v. 2014

GAPA mini-Kokonvention, January 2015

Robert writes:

Rosanne is in town visiting her parents, so naturally I jumped at the chance to see them all yesterday. We ate rugelach and strange chocolate laced with hot peppers and Pop Rocks, and then Rosanne and I posed for a photos with a little ceramic Kokopelli trivet.

At first, we had trouble sitting still.

Our faces were the last things to settle down.

Finally the picture fell into place.


Movies, v. 2014-2015

Remember to post spoiler warnings, please!

Continued rather belatedly from Movies, v.2013.

The creation of this thread has absolutely nothing to do with bookgirl_me just having seen “The Hobbit: Battle of the Five Armies”.


NaNoWriMo* 2014

Anyone WriMo’ing this year?

*National Novel Writing Month


Happy National Chocolate Day!

Who decides these things, anyway? Congress? Maybe this is one of those rare cases in which ignorance really is bliss.

(By the way, National Oatmeal Day is tomorrow, October 29.)


Photo on 2014-10-13 at 16.28



Fiddler: In celebration of Fireh and Fiddler kokonvening, here is a picture to prove that it happened and (as evidenced by our big smiles) is great fun! ((Also proof that the both of us are Real Human Beings as opposed to robotic music nerds spamming the lot of you from somewhere in the cybernets-fireh))

And for those dying to know the itinerary of this kokon, it was a meet up at the Chocolate Lounge last night, and then attending one of Fiddler’s classes (Appalachian Music and Dance, appropriately). Next up: anything goes. Probably involving food and giggling.


Fireh: Last night meeting Fiddler for the first time was awesome; she was easy to spot as she was wearing bright orange shorts in the Muserly tradition of being unique and mildly eccentric. She got a Pumpkin Spice Creme Brule (SP? I don’t really care) ((Fiddler: “IT HAS TWO Es”)) and I of course made the obligatory comment about blowtorches and the appropriate white-girl-stereotype jokes. I got a cold chocolate drink with coconut milk, which was awesome. Like hot chocolate, but NOT! My chalumeau/pocket clarinet got here right before I left TN, so I had the entire car ride to mess with it and play with it so of course I figured out how to play “What Do You Do With An Errant Muser” as sung by the massive Kokon of a few years ago in preparation for this. I played it for Fiddler. It was glorious.


Fiddler: Also, it’s SUPER DUPER FUN explaining “hello this is my friend from the internet” to your roommates and professors. I’m not sure what it says about me that I’m fairly used to it by now though. (I think it means that MB is the best and I’m very lucky. We’ll go with that one.)

Plays/Acting/Theater/Theatre, v. 2014-2015

Continued from v. 2009.


Style, Fashion, and Costume, v. 2014

Continued from v. 2012.


Geeky TV Shows, v. 2014

Continued from v. 2013.


Books and Reading, v. 2014

Continued from v. 2013.

Happy 450th Birthday, William Shakespeare!

Don Pedro. Your silence most offends me, and to be merry best becomes you, for out o’ question you were born in a merry hour.

Beatrice. No, sure, my lord, my mother cried, but then there was a star danced, and under that was I born. — Cousins, God give you joy!

Much Ado About Nothing

Also (and actually) born today: Optimatum and Rós þyrnir. Joy to all!

Pollyhymnia Sighting!

Robert writes:

Polly Shulman came down from New York yesterday for the retirement party of our friend and frequent editee, the renowned geoscience writer Richard Kerr. Here’s a picture of Polly, Dick, and me in Dick’s strangely bare and reverberant office.

Polly, Dick, and Robert

Polly was her usual ebullient self. Her latest book in the Grimm Legacy series has just gone off to her editor, and she’s pondering new projects — maybe something a little different. More news as it becomes available…


Computer and Video Games, v. 5.0

Continued from v. 4.0.