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That One Time I Was Bunnified

I was 12.

I was 12. Strange and terrible things happened that Halloween. 

San Franciskokonvention 2015

KNOWN PERPETRATORS: POSOC, Dodecahedron, Choklit Orange


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Animation Project

So, who is involved? KaiYVes, Agent Lightning, Randomosity, fireh, Catwings, ibcf — anyone else?

KaiYves’s Drawing

And slightly zoomed in:

Kai writes:

I drew this picture this weekend, “Forecast”. It’s inspired by the idea that a change as small as the flapping of a butterfly’s wings alters the state of the atmosphere enough to make the weather difficult to predict.

X-Men Panels for KaiYves

KaiYves is tracking the history of high-altitude balloons through a wide variety of sources. At her request, Robert has scanned relevant panels from “The X-Men” number 18 (March 1966) and posted them here for her inspection:

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Thank You, Kind Friends

Robert writes:

I haven’t mentioned it on the blog until now, but apparently word got out through other channels that my father died on January 26. Much to my surprise — well, no; very little that MuseBloggers do surprises me anymore. But I was touched and moved to receive by email a sympathy card that several of you jointly designed and created.

I’ll tell you more about my father soon and will try to post Time Capsules of some of his proto-proto-Muserly boyhood papers. Although Dad probably never saw MuseBlog (he developed dementia and stopped using computers about the time I started experimenting with WordPress), he contributed to it in important ways, both by helping to make me the person I am and by inventing some of the cornerstones of MB culture. For example, the useful gender-neutral pronoun “en” was his idea, and he would have been delighted to see how it has taken root and flourished on our threads.

I’ll paste in the card itself after the jump. Spoiler alert: it involves space squids. For a naval captain who loved science-fiction, I can think of no more fitting totem animal to guide him on his final voyage.

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Maths Lover’s Christmas Card

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Coming Soon to Nickelodeon

STRATOCATS! *insert suitably stirring theme song*

Stratocats, by KaiYves

Description by the artist, KaiYves:

Attached is a drawing inspired by our discussion of Latin names and extreme skydiving on the Random Thread. “Coming soon to Nickelodeon… they’ll go to extremes, save the world, and ALWAYS land on their feet!”

Robert’s Time Capsule: Adventures in Space

Robert writes:

Last week, astronomers discovered a planet orbiting the star closest to Earth, Alpha Centauri. With an orbital period of three days, it’s much too hot to support life, but astronomers plan to take a closer look at the star in hope of finding a planet in its habitable zone.

In fact, I happen to know that there is such a planet. Not only does it support life, but it is home to an advanced civilization.

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ibcf’s Latest Bunny Nightmare

In case you were wondering, yes, they dance. It’s indescribable.

If you’re in a public place, you might want to turn down the volume or put on headphones before proceeding further:

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MB Gallery, September 12

More pictures of MBers with friendly squids and holograms!

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Squid Gallery

Jadestone and Dodecahedron have finished sewing their space squids and have sent us pictures of the celestial cephalopods.

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Robert’s Time Capsule: Improving Rodin

This time capsule was inspired by Choklit Orange’s recent encounter with sculptures by the French artist Auguste Rodin, which she said she would like to pie. As it happens, Robert also had a Rodin experience once upon a time — one that involved a different kind of food. Over to him:

It was when I was in my 20s and sharing a house with some high-school buddies near Washington, D.C. My friend J. J. Martindale, whose name some of the older MBers will recognize, was working in New York and came down for a weekend to sleep on our couch and see some sights. She was feeling mischievous, as usual, and I was delighted when she and my housemate John agreed to try something I’d been pondering for a while.

It involved “The Burghers of Calais,” a bronze sculpture by Rodin, one cast of which stands in the sculpture garden of the Hirshhorn Museum in Washington, D.C. The sculpture, a larger-than-life representation of half a dozen mournful-looking men with ropes around their necks, commemorates something that happened in France during the Hundred Years War. When the city of Calais surrendered after a long and miserable siege, the victorious English army demanded that six prominent citizens come out in their underwear, with nooses, to be executed. The English changed their minds at the last minute and spared them, but it was a close call.

J. J. and John and I went to an upholstery store and bought some large cylinders and thin sheets of foam rubber, which we took home and carved into the shapes of oversized buns, meat patties, and leaves of lettuce. We glued them together to look like hamburgers, stuck some watermelon seeds on top to approximate scaled-up sesame seeds, and spray-painted the foam murky green and black to resemble weathered bronze. Once the hamburgers were dry, we stuffed them into knapsacks and drove to the Hirshhorn.

J. J., who hailed from Surrey, England, by way of Cambridge, distracted the guard by pretending to be a confused tourist. (“Excuse me, could you tell me whether that large building over there is the White House? Oh, it’s not? Are you sure? The Capitol, you say? What do they do there?”) Once we were in the clear, John and I unzipped our own foam mini-sculptures and slotted them into place. Voilà:

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Robert’s Time Capsule: The Avengers et al.

Avengers 4 cover

Robert recalls:

Throughout primary school, I read superhero comic books with an obsession verging on addiction. I was fiercely loyal: Marvel was my brand, first, last, and (I vowed and believed) forever.

I started buying them in second grade, in the PX of the long-since-dismantled Hunter’s Point naval shipyard in San Francisco, where my family spent a year living in a quonset hut while my father’s ship was in drydock. My first comic book was the Avengers; their colorful costumes caught my eye, and the confusion of characters inside posed a puzzle I had to solve.

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Miscellaneous Images from Musers

A few Kokons and a birthday squid — what more could a self-respecting gallery need?

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A Pie from Groundhog

Her assignment for animation class: show someone walking and then being struck by a projectile. You can guess where that led. (Hint: it’s not an arrow to the knee.)

Robert’s Time Capsule: Multivariable Calculus

Page from Robert's multivariable calculus homework

Robert’s annotation:

As late as freshman year in college, I was still doodling in math class — though less productively than Vi Hart. Apparently I was also having trouble finishing my homework on time. This was my first problem set; I tightened up my operations (mostly) later on.

Visual Arts, v. 2012

Whatever your medium, if it’s visual, here’s a place to talk about it, dream about it, or share ideas.

Continued from Visual Arts, 2011.

Tess and Cat’s Meow, Summer 2011

Tess and Meow hiding behind magazines

Sorry we took so long to upload these pictures. (No excuses — we forgot we had them.) More below the fold…

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Lizzie’s Recital

Rather than moving a lot of sound files, we’re posting a link so you can hear it on Soundcloud as long as she keeps it there. Enjoy!

Anatomy of a Random Thread Graphic

The other day Castle made the mistake of asking inquired about the construction of the Uranuary Random Thread graphic. Since I couldn’t think of a short answer and because everyone else runs and hides when I talk about this stuff and there was the chance that some explanation might be useful to those MuseBloggers who do graphics, I thought I’d try this method of providing a few details. Click on the image below to see the large version.

Let me know if this is useful or if anything is unclear.

Enceladus’s Webcomic

Six letters, delivered on the same day, at the same time.
All for the same purpose- or perhaps purposes?
All that matters is that the letters have been delivered.

So it begins…

Unintended Pun’s Croatian Song

This seems to be getting lost on the Music thread, so we’re reposting it here.

Here’s what UP (a.k.a. Karin) says about it:

This is Niska Banja, a Croatian song. The bug/prim player/other singer is my friend Angela.

Niska Banja-both singers
Croatian 10-Angela
Spanish 10-Both
Russian 10-Karin (UP)
Niska Banja- Both

Many different versions of the lyrics exist, and translations are easy to find online. Basically, it’s about the wild times young men have at a Serbian hot-springs resort called Niska Banja (pronounced “Neeshka Bahnya”) — drinking, dancing, wenching, the usual guy stuff.


MuseBlog Music Project

Proposed in the Suggestion Box, v. 2010.2.

Bunny Invasion IV: Another Chapter

IBCF sent us another installment of his chilling video epic:

Follow the links below if you missed the first three episodes or if you simply want to wallow in the horror of it all:–AfraidoftheDark.swf