Saturday, 27 November 2021

Miscellaneous Images from Musers

A few Kokons and a birthday squid — what more could a self-respecting gallery need?

Let’s start with the squid that Areohawk a.k.a. Swalot drew for Cskia for her birthday:

Cskia's birthday squid from Swalot

Next, a picture of Cat’s Meow and Cinnamoon, who Kokonned briefly at a recent Knowledge Bowl competition. (Just to be clear, this and all other photos of minor MBers are posted with parental permission.) Meow is at left; their four-fingered Kokopelli mudra looks easier on the hands than the standard three-fingered version:

Cat's Meow and Cinnamoon

Castle and Selcothe Sicaria have a perpetual Kokonvention in progress, because they know each other in real life. They sent a load of photos, of which these two must suffice for now:

Castle and Selkie

And lest we forget the raison d’être of this blog…

Selkie and Castle with Muse

Vendaval was in Washington, D.C., recently and had lunch with Robert at a noodle shop in Chinatown (a place that Midnight Fiddler once showed the GAPAs and that also turns out to be a favorite haunt of Oxlin when she’s in town). Here’s a picture of them giving the Kokopelli salute at the Naval Memorial, with the National Archives building in the background:

Robert and Vendaval

In the Penn Quarter neighborhood they noticed the Muse Lounge — a shady-looking night club, now apparently defunct:

Vendaval in front of Muse Lounge

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