Thursday, 6 October 2022

Random Thread: January 2016

To pitch my tent with no prosy plan,
To range and change at will;
To mock at the mastership of man,
To see Adventure’s thrill.
Carefree to be, as a bird that sings;
To go my own sweet way;
To reck not at all what may befall,
But to live and to love each day.

To scorn all strife, and to view all life
With the curious eyes of a child;
From the plangent sea to the prairie,
From the slum to the heart of the Wild.
From the red-rimmed star to the speck of sand,
From the vast to the greatly small;
For I know that the whole for good is planned,
And I want to see it all.

Last year’s threads were devoted to stories; in 2016, we’ve decided to celebrate poems and songs. This rollicking lyric by Robert W. Service isn’t immortal verse, but it seems like a fitting sentiment to usher in a new year.

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