Thursday, 9 July 2020

New MuseBlog Experiment

Always looking for ways to improve our beloved blog, the Administrators have decided to try something new: We’re pulling the under-used Muse Academy Student Lounge off the main body of the blog. It will still be accessible to anyone who has been posting on MuseBlog for at least six months (“paleophytes,” if you will). To visit it, you’ll have to register and then log in using a password. Along with the lounge, we’re creating a companion thread for discussing the experiment.

Why are we doing this? Some MBers have told us that they’re finding the blog increasingly confusing and hard to keep up with. We think the new Student Lounge might help. After six months on the blog, MBers know the ropes and have shown that they are likely to stick around for a while. By making a special place for those who have settled in, we hope to carve out a slightly slower, calmer environment for those who want it.

Please note that we are not creating a new blog or a blog within the blog. It’s just a couple of threads, and paleophytes will still be able to take part in the rest of the blog as they always have. If you aren’t interested in the experiment or don’t like signing up for things, no problem. There is already more to do on the blog than you could manage if you worked around the clock.

If you do want to take part, you’ll find a new button for registering and logging in near the buttons for the information pages (such as “The Rules” and “Who’s Here”) on the main page of the blog. Select “register,” fill in your blogname and a working e-mail address, and send it in. The blog will e-mail you a password, which will become active as soon as the Administrators approve your application. (Six-monthers who already have passwords for chess don’t need to sign up again.) Then, when you log in, you’ll see the blog looking much the same as before, but with a new Student Lounge thread to go to. (Ignore the profile page — we won’t use it — and go straight to the blog.)

Any questions? As always, we’ll be happy to answer, so fire away.

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