Thursday, 28 October 2021

Pie Skirmish, 2013

Sometimes a little mayhem is just the thing to clear away the cobwebs and banish the winter doldrums. And to put you in the mood, Robert has written a new marching song to a tune we’re sure you all know:

Can you hear the music swell with a quasi-martial sound?
Hear the shouting and the laughter as the Musers rally ‘round?
When the sloshing in your guts echoes the splatting of our tins,
There will be chaos on the blog when the fight begins!

You must agree the world can see how sick to death you are
Of endless woes on Rants and Plaints and maudlin R&R,
So join our ranks and bid your angst au revoir!

In our stain-resistant suits, with our weapons raised on high,
We are indomitable warriors who are not afraid to pie!
See the ballistic pastry soar, hear how it whistles as it spins –
There will be filling everywhere when the fight begins!

We are fairly well-behaved and convinced that war is wrong,
But we know that we’ll go crazy if we put it off too long.
Though it makes a royal mess, and it’s hard to say who wins,
It will be such a big relief when the fight begins!

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