Wednesday, 19 June 2019

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Robert’s Time Capsule: Prussianian Art and More!

Success! Combing through his archives, Robert has unexpectedly uncovered several yellowing manuscripts from his own proto-Muser days, including a veritable trove of peasant art from the mysterious floating island of Prussiania. Read on…
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Prussiania RRR

There were rumblings about a Prussianian role-playing game back in January, but MuNoWriMo intervened. If you’re still interested, MuseBlog is now ready for you.

RPGs seem limiting, though, with one character to a customer and all the concomitant worries about power-playing. Are you sure you wouldn’t rather have an RRR?

(To help you with research, we’re adding a “Prussiania” subcategory to the list of thread categories.)

Attention, Prussiania Fans!

Robert’s ultra-rare Prussianian doodles have been re-scanned and are once again visible on the second Prussiania time-capsule thread.

Robert’s Time Capsule: Chronicles of Prussiania, cont.

Prussiania was an imaginary country that Robert and some of his friends concocted when they were Muser age (decades before Muse, alas). You can read more about it on the previous Time Capsule thread.

Now, rarity of rarities, Prussianian records are starting to come to light. Here are a couple that Robert found in one of his old school notebooks:
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Robert’s Time Capsule: Imaginary Country

Robert, age 13 (yearbook photo)

Long before Museica and the PeacefulPieceful Pie Planet — before NationStates and World of Warcraft — even before Dungeons and Dragons had been invented, then-Muser-aged Robert (see photo, above) and about half a dozen of his friends invented an imaginary country of their own and used it as a setting for role-playing and storytelling. Unfortunately, any original maps and manuscripts that still exist remain buried in the Coontz archives. Robert will scan and post them as they come to light. Meanwhile, this description will have to suffice for any MBers curious about their GAPA’s disreputable history. Read on… Read more »