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RPG: Time Travel, v. 2015

A reboot of the original:

RPG: Time Travel


Yule Ball, 2014

The first in a long time. You know what to do — let’s see what you conjure up!


New Demigod RPG

Part 4 of the old Demigod RPG appeared in September 2010. Now some nostalgic MBers think it’s time for a reboot. Good luck, godlings!


New Role-Playing Thread

Request granted! First item item of business: Decide what to play.

RRR: Worst. Story. Ever.

Rainbow*Storm’s idea launched here and described by Ambystoma Maculata as “amazingly, hilariously bad.”

Bunny Apocalypse Rebooted

The classic MuseBlog saga, born again for a new decade.

The Rules:
1. New posts advance the action.
2. Questions and comments are posted as replies in ((double parentheses)).
3. That’s about it, really.

Some planning has already taken place here.

Up, up, and away…


Futuristic Kokonspiratorial Dystopia

Rainbow*Storm’s idea. Her description:

In the future, an evil anti-Muser organization has taken over most of the world, crushed all forces of creativity and learning, and created a Cakesaccharine World where mind control reigns and those who don’t conform to society mysteriously vanish. Only a small band of rebels, the Kokonspiracy, have escaped the brainwashing and are plotting to overthrow the evil government and free the masses.


Steampunk Airship RRR/RPG

“The bronze behemoth hung glittering against the clouds, like a second sun of bright metal plates and swooping propellers and huge patched balloons. You couldn’t look at it and say man was never meant to fly.”

Now forming. This sounded more like an RRR ( Round-Robin ‘Riting) on the Suggestion Box thread, but that’s up to you.


Medieval Fantasy RPG

Now forming, by request.


World Travel Adventure RPG, Part 1

Departing the Muse Academy RPG thread for Scotland and points unknown.


Muse Academy RPG*, Part 9

*Role-playing game, or possibly rocket-propelled grenade.

Not necessarily continued from Part 8.


Demigod RPG, Part 4

All you really need to know is that it’s not about Percy Jackson and that it’s continued from Part 3.


“The Embi Family” (Round-Robin Scripting) – Part 1

This group project started on the “Partial Scripts” thread and quickly became popular enough to warrant a thread of its own.

Bunny Apocalypse: The Next Generation — Part 8

Already as long as The Divine Comedy, The Lord of the Rings, and all the Harry Potter books put together, and still growing.

Continued from Part 7.

RPG: Time Travel

Because you asked so nicely.


RPG: Superheroes and Mary Sues, Part 4

Continued from Part Three.


RPW 2009: Letters, England, 1874 — Part 2

This Role-Playing Writing may have sputtered out, or it may be about to have new life breathed into it — we’ll soon know which.

Continued from Part One.


Muse Academy RPG*, Part 8

*Role-playing game.

Continued from Part 7.

Zeppelin Sightings

Prussianian fans: Fantasy Fan sent us her long-awaited zeppelin illustrations. We’re adding this announcement since some of the RRR participants may not show up before the post sinks out of sight on Recent Comments.

Muse Academy May Day Ball — Rooftop Garden

A place to catch a little fresh air after dancing, or thread your way through this year’s specially constructed Yin-Yang Maze:

Muse Academy May Day Ball 2010

The biggest event of the academic year begins. The decorations are up, the food is ready, the musicians are practiced, rested, and in tune.

The ball lasts just a few hours in Musiverse time but unfolds over a whole month of blog time.

Formal attire required. Fortunately, all clothing is virtual, flattering in every respect, and incredibly comfortable to wear.

Note: the rooftop garden will open anon.

Ships’ Logs: Beyond Museica, Part 14

Part 13 lasted almost a year and a half. It’s good to see things (and waves) rolling again. What will the new thread bring?


Prussiania RRR

There were rumblings about a Prussianian role-playing game back in January, but MuNoWriMo intervened. If you’re still interested, MuseBlog is now ready for you.

RPGs seem limiting, though, with one character to a customer and all the concomitant worries about power-playing. Are you sure you wouldn’t rather have an RRR?

(To help you with research, we’re adding a “Prussiania” subcategory to the list of thread categories.)

Demigod RPG, Part 3

Continued from its blockbuster beginning in Part 2.

Already almost as long as the Iliad, and still going strong.


Demigod RPG, Part 2

Continued from its blockbuster beginning in Part 1.