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Random Thread: December 2015

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That One Time I Was Bunnified

I was 12.

I was 12. Strange and terrible things happened that Halloween. 

Random Thread: November 2015

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NaNoWriMo*, v. 2015

Sounds like a couple people are taking part this year!

Previously: v. 2014

*National Novel Writing Month


Random Thread: October 2015

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Coping, v. 2015

As described in the original thread:

Coping with difficult situations, disappointment, depression, boredom, whatever unpleasantness life deals out. What tricks have you learned? What works for you?

Continued from v. 2013


International “Talk Like a Pirate” Day 2015

Ar-har, mateys! ‘Tis the most wonderful time of the year again!


Random thread: September 2015

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Ask me anything!

Some of the newer people lately have said that they don’t feel as much a part of the community as everyone else, so I figured this would be a good way to get to know each other – plus, everyone likes talking about themselves. Think of it as a Polling Place in reverse. How I envision it working is that someone posts expressing willingness to answer questions and then other people ask them whatever they want. If you want to answer questions, try to ask them too!


Random Thread: August 2015

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Happy Tenth Anniversary, MuseBlog!

I’m sure I’m not alone in saying that MuseBlog has been a hugely positive formative influence on me. But, as I am a scientist at heart, it wasn’t enough for me to just say “I’m sure I’m not alone.” So I asked some of my friends how they felt about having had MuseBlog in their life for ten years.

Also, I (Dodecahedron) baked an honorary cake with Fern. Julia also baked a cake. Then, with the cake-baking fervor going around, Jadestone made some cupcakes. Pics below the fold.

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Random Thread: July 2015

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Random Thread: June 2015

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Random Thread: May 2015

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Random Thread: April 2015

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Random Thread: March 2015

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MB Doodle

Sketch of what I imagine certain MBer’s look like (click to enlarge).

MB Doodle

MB Doodle 2.1



Project Tracking

Hello MB! Oxlin here. I was watching some Nerdfighter videos on the internet, which made me think how it is really cool that the Green brothers have all these projects, tangible things they have created. I would like to make some projects, but sometimes I have a hard time keeping track of them, or having ideas of what to create. I thought it would make sense to have a thread for that. Feel free to use this for collaboration, posting ideas of what to make, track your progress in a large project, etc.


“The Embi Family” (Round-Robin Scripting) – Part 2

Copied from the previous thread: “This group project started on the “Partial Scripts” thread and quickly became popular enough to warrant a thread of its own.

Making a new post to continue this because A) The old post is from 2010, B) it has 428 comments and is super long, and C) I’m determined to never let this die as long as I am still here. For those of you that weren’t around when this was first active, I’d definitely recommend going back and reading the scripts/scenes on the old thread. They’re great for laughs and a flashback of the past of this flamabulous little community we have here.



Random Thread: February 2015

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Random Thread: January 2015

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Random Thread: December 2014

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Random Thread: November 2014

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Pedo Mellon a Minno

Happy Halloween! Jade here, testing out the thread-making superpowers we got awhile ago but I haven’t used yet.

There’s a lot more detail I could add to this (like the text), but since the lines are mostly very thin it’ll, start to dry out fast–so take a look while it’s still fresh.

So I present to you, the Doors of Durin:



…I hope I did that right!